Lindenhofstrasse 8
Postfach 601
CH-8180 Bülach

Security - the bedrock of life

Prerequisite to a secure feeling in life are peace and order. 

We have witnessed an increasing trend towards the propensity for and use of violence.  This rise in the frequency and level of aggression is a danger to our society, our lives and property.

GSD allSECURITY GmbH has, over many years, acted as security contractor for private and public institutions, municipalities and cantons.  Through its active and marked presence, GSD gives potential criminals no opportunity to commit crime.  Dangerous situations are defused through our professional appearance and demeanor, and in case of emergency, those in peril are urgently afforded our aid.  We are a sensible augmentation to the operation of the police who, due to other duties and today's cost-cutting measures/budget cuts, are often overburdened/overstretched.  We are proud that we enjoy a very strong partnership with law enforcement.

Dedication to our clients is our philosophy

Since 1988, GSD allSECURITY GmbH has been active in rendering various around-the-clock security services.  GSD allSECURITY GmbH is both financially and politically independent and impartial.  Reliability, flexibility and the conferring of serious advice/providing serious guidance/providing serious consulting services are naturally equally important to us as consideration/courtesy/attention and discretion.